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  1. The Year We Ran Out of Fridays.(5)

    Panic meeting : 5th March

    Present : The Yearling, (part-time)The Calendarist, The Months, Tuesday, The Chief Constable of the Chronodogs

    Absent through illness : March

    The Yearling was, to be blunt, completely pissed.
    Dragged out of an opium den after a lunch which lasted three days, he hadn't a clue where he was, who he was or what he was. Or more amusingly, what time it was.

    He tried to grope Tuesday the moment ...
  2. The Year We Ran Out of Fridays.(4)


    The Pond. How to explain it troubles me somewhat, if I'm honest.
    It is at once both simplicity itself and yet more complex than Fermat's famous Last Theorem.

    Y'see, contrary to popular belief, time does not pass. Nor does it heal. Nor can it be killed, or wasted, or served, or saved, or any of the other cliches.

    Time simply is, then it isn't.
    And when it isn't, guess what happens to it ?
    No ?

    Then ...
  3. The Year We Ran out of Fridays (3)

    In camera meeting : 3rd March

    Present : The Calendarist, December, Tuesday.

    As you may imagine, Friday's confession caused much consternation and condemnation amongst the regulators. The primary duty of a Day is to keep an absolutely accurate record of time spent on his watch and no excuse is accepted.

    Despite a barrage of questioning, (some of it regarding his integrity) he could offer no explanation of how or why the records had ...
  4. The Year We Ran Out of Fridays.

    Extraordinary Meeting : 2nd March

    Month presiding : March

    Yearling presiding : 2010 (Absent, due to illness)

    Present : The Month Masters, The Days of the Week, The Calendarist.

    I looked around the crowded table and couldn’t help but grin. The Months looked grim, the Calendarist looked grimmer and the Days looked perplexed – all but Friday, who was as pale as paper and fidgeted nervously with his timepiece, a ...
  5. Work in progress.

    The Year We Ran Out Of Fridays.

    Monthly Meeting : 1st of March

    Month Presiding : March

    Yearling Presiding : 2010

    Present : The Month Masters, The Calendarist, The Yearling.

    The Calendarist opened the meeting with usual chant.
    Now is the time, for all time, to check our watches, our sun-dials, our clocks and egg-timers, thus to proclaim that all is well and not a second ...
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