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  1. The Year We Ran Out of Fridays. (Part Two)

    The Year We Ran Out of Fridays.

    Part Two

    Venue : The Grounds of the Residence

    Date : March 13th

    Present : December, Winter 360

    I walked slowly through the grounds of the Residence, through the many lanes and landings, through the orchards and the meadows, dipping my feet in the gentle streams and letting the clean breeze ruffle my tumbled locks, (oh come on, you know how vain I am!), deep ...
  2. Premature

    Ok, so the engine ran, but it wasn't right.

    Another few evenings and this morning have it all sorted now.

    If runs, on both cylinders, with no petrol leaks.
    Coolant leak fixed.
    Exhaust valve repaired.

    I'd forgotten how good two stroke smells.

    I have to fix the top yoke before I can take it for a ride - then the engine comes out while the wheels go off to be powder coated.
  3. Thanks

  4. Damn patrol

    LHS Carb stripped again.

    Innards left in an ultrasonic cleaner until they were shiny as pins.

    Carb rebuilt, petrol tank on.

    Still only runs on 1.

    The hunt for new carbs / kit starts on ebay.
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  5. It starts!

    really, it starts.

    And runs for about as long as this sentence.

    And only on one cylinder.

    But it does start.

    After a new battery and new ignition switch, and a lot of kicking.

    The new spark plugs, and still no better.

    So tank off, carbs off, strip and clean.

    After putting the take back on and taking it off far too many times, I gave up.

    Next job is to strip the carbs and rebuild them with new ...
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