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  1. How to do stuff.......

    This is a work in progress, so I'll add more as I get asked.

    Embedding Video (Youtube etc)
    If you want your video to appear in a post (instead of a link), you will need to copy the link, then click this button Name:  video.png
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Size:  656 Bytes , then paste the link for your video.
    Agree / Disagree
    If you agree or disgree with a post and would like to add a comment, click this button Name:  reputation-40b.png
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Size:  3.0 KB , and add you comment.
    Editing Colours
    If you want to change the

    Updated 26-01-2011 at 23:33 by S1OPP

    How to..... , Useful Stuff
  2. Snow

    "The view was all in lines, up and down..."

    It was rather fine driving down the A21 between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells yesterday - very picture postcard with snow-coated fields and trees either side and the sunlight just right to cause that whiter-than-white glow.

    It's not so good in the garden however. The large, unpruned (due to cowardice on my part) bush, which partially obscures the bird feeder, has collapsed due to the weight of snow and ice. I'm ...
  3. 1st day of christmas hols.....

    ....and I have a hangover and an ill child.

    Joy of joys, Scarlett has the Novo virus and has been throwing up all last night. Me turning up around midnight in a very sorry state probably did not add much to the experience for Em as she was looking after her so I decided retreat was the best strategy and spent the night in a drunken stuper on the sofa.

    Saw Uncle Spider today, Jules and he were up visiting relatives in the area so I was able to finally pick up the tent ...
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