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  1. Second Life (24)

    The Long Road Back, to Assen. (Part three)

    Without a shadow of a doubt, someone was watching over The Crow and I that weekend.
    During the most intensive 48 hours I can remember, we both enjoyed moments of extreme peril, only to escape with a single, improbable bound.
    Deux ex machina ? You’d think so, were this a fictional story.
    Read on and see what you think, my anonymous friends.

    Let’s start with the weather : both days, the ride to and from ...
  2. Second Life(23) Part Two

    Second Life (23)
    The long road back, to Assen. (Part Two)
    Peering through the fog of the years, some things, some people, some events, are will o’ the wisps, chimeras; unreal but possible, cloudy at the centre, vague at the edges. I grope for a hold on them, but they slip through my fingers like un-earned money.
    Others are pin-sharp and succulent and no sooner called to memory than they appear, as if it were only yesterday.
    My father, my mother, my first lover….
  3. Second Life(22) The long road back, to Assen.

    Second Life (22)
    The long road back, to Assen.
    The neurologist had the last laugh. I was discharged from Charing Cross hospital, (which is nowhere near Charing Cross) one sunny day in September and walking to the main road to hail a cab nearly finished me.
    I just couldn’t walk in a straight line and fell over twice, as my battered inner ear got it’s left, right, up and down all in a dither.
    Added to this, all sounds were distorted and booming and when people ...

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  4. He wasn't on the list ..

    Quote Originally Posted by pitboard View Post
    He was a very good opportunist. He invented nothing, pioneered nothing, but he had the talent to spot something new developing and get in there.
  5. Microsoft SCAM

    This is a warning about a scam that I have just been made aware of.

    Yesterday, my brother took a phone call from somebody that claimed to be working for Microsoft, offering to 'repair' a fault on his computer.

    My Brother wasn't aware that his computer had a fault, but didn't have time right then to look at it, and asked the caller to phone back later.

    In the mean time, my sister-in-law spoke to me, I recommended that if they called back to take a number. ...

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