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  1. The who's in a mardy strop mood thread

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    The who's in a mardy strop mood thread

    Subject: The who's in a mardy strop mood thread Ref: 769216
    From: Charlie W: anks off nazis (chazhead) on Thu 28/04/05 12:50

    Right, the idea of this thread is for people to post the name of whoever they think is in a mardy strop
  2. Wine, Park, Kids, Civil Liberty, Hooligans

    So I was taking my evening stroll yesterday ( to get my Wine from Morrisons ). It was late, but as the kids are winding down at school, they were ok to stay up late, and they came with me.

    By the time we'd come out of Morrisons it was gone 21.00 hrs, but as it was a nice evening we decided to go through the woods and end up for a late night play in the park, ( On the condition that it was just for a few minutes as it was late )

    So we got there, I pushed them on the ...
  3. The Year We Ran Out of Fridays. (Part Two) 4

    Venue : Oscar's Cottage

    Date : Late afternoon, March 13th

    Present : December, Oscar and his Bitch.

    Oscar's cottage, which I had bought on his behalf, was a very pleasant surprise.

    It was small, but neat, with a charming garden in which grew plums, pears and candleberries and an especially interesting variety of orchids which I had thought were extinct, even in the grounds of the Residence.

    In one
  4. The Year We Ran Out of Fridays. (Part Two) 3


    In camera meeting : The Early Hours of March 12th

    Present : The Millennium Lord, December, November, Tuesday

    Venue : December's apartment.

    The last time I set eyes on the Millennium Lord was when dear old Queen Bess was on the throne and there was some trifling problem with the Spanish.

    In those days, he affected a very patrician attitude, dressed soberly, wore a disgustingly filthy wig and spoke ...
  5. The Year We Ran Out of Fridays. (Part Two) 2


    Now, you are probably keen to know the result of the Millennium Lord's sudden appearance at my apartment and exactly how Tuesday came to be his daughter and other such details.

    Well, I shall tell you in due course. But first I feel I must explain about ChronoDogs and ChronoBitches.
    Where they come from, what they do and what they look like.

    To deal with the last first ; despite their name, which is both misleading and mischievous, they are ...
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