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Here goes nothing

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I'm not a blogger.

In fact if I was to say what I really am, I would say lazy.

However, with that in mind and inspired by some recent posts by Zunspec, I have decided to pull my finger out and do something about the RGV250 that has been sat in the garage for far too long doing nothing. Well, nothing except taking up space.

This may be a another project that never gets finished, but at least if it's in bits it won't take up so much room.

So Day 1 of the Suzuki RGV250 Project.

My first job is to go and have a good look at what I've got. I know there's a few things that need doing, but I need to start getting it pieces.

I will take some photos and post them up, I will try to keep this blog (I did say was lazy) updated regularly (yeah right!)

So, here goes nothing.

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