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    Picked up bike today at 11.00am from Pidcocks, Derby [4miles from my house] got home 4hrs and 197miles later !!!!! Called in at Just Bandits with a "fist full of dollars" CLOSED, wot a bummer !! In comparison to the old model the 1250 does'nt seem any quicker or have more grunt,but it does it much smoother,quieter and from much lower revs,in top gear [sixth] 4.800 rpm = 100mph, redlines at 9.500. Found fuel injection a little on/off in town traffic but maybe i might have to adapt to it,first injected bike for me.
    Well thats it for now must go wash n polish it before it get's dark, off to Whitby tommorow, via Just Bandits that is !!!!!!!!
    PS.Von will try to get over to cya asap.

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    Bandit ZK5 1200...

    Hi mate.. comparison/diferance..

    in Top gear (5th) 5,100 RPM = 100 MPH, redlines @ 11,000.. Brakes twin 3 pot front.. single pot rear..20ltr fule tank..

    have a good run tomorrow.. I'm at work till 12 O' clock..

    see you soon...


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