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Happy & Sad.

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Took the non-ill kids to see Aunt & Uncle in that there Kent yesterday. Gosh, it has really snowed down there. Two days since the snowfall and the main A roads in the area are still only 'just' passable.

Driving back home we passed a fatal crash where we had commented on the state of the road on the way down, not very nice.

Thoughts go out the families concerned, bad enough for that to happen, let alone at this time of year.

On a lighter note, we had a nice family chritmas catchup, nice food, snow etc. And had a chance to try out a longbow, never knew they were:

a) So difficult to fire.
b) So hard to draw, and this one was 'only' a 48lbs draw over 29", the war bows of old has a 120lbs draw!

Good fun though.

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  1. vfrooom's Avatar
    Longbows are much better than crossbows. I had long experience of both via school. Became a bit of a champion
  2. KungFooBob's Avatar
    Chaz, you blogger!
  3. chazhead's Avatar
    I'll be bored of this by the time I go back to work.
  4. vfrooom's Avatar
    and possibly even bored by it.
  5. Archangel's Avatar
    LOl....keep it up, Chaz.

    Keep us sane.