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Wine, Park, Kids, Civil Liberty, Hooligans

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So I was taking my evening stroll yesterday ( to get my Wine from Morrisons ). It was late, but as the kids are winding down at school, they were ok to stay up late, and they came with me.

By the time we'd come out of Morrisons it was gone 21.00 hrs, but as it was a nice evening we decided to go through the woods and end up for a late night play in the park, ( On the condition that it was just for a few minutes as it was late )

So we got there, I pushed them on the tyres for a bit then said it was time to go. They did there usual ganging up thing and were about to have a joint moan at me ( may be a twin thing ). So I was getting ready for a minor strop ( They're not those kind of kids that have massive tantrums, but do try it on if they can get away with it ). When suddenly the whole park flashed.

I thought a) Lightning b)blood pressure was up.

We carried on, then the park flashed again. Followed by a voice


I looked at the newly instored camera, which by now was flashing away like a maniac.

I thought, cool piece of kit. The kids thought they were going to prison.

I said, we'd better go before the police come. You've never seen two kids run out of a park as fast.

Now bearing in mind I recently wrote to my MP when I found a swing broke on the same park, complaining about local hooliganism, I was well impressed with the camera. But then the kids said how come we can't play in our park anymore. Which was a fair point.

We should be able to play in parks at all times shouldn't we ? But's it's got to be a good thing that the bad guys are kept out ?

It kept me awake all night thinking about it but, unlike the kids, at least I wasn't worrying about the poilce knocking on the door.

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