Ladies and Gentlemen (and Archie)

Iím not sure how many of you know already, but in May 2005 I was lucky enough to be diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.

Doesnít sound so lucky does it?

If I hadnít found out when I did, I would probably be dead. Now thatís lucky!

With that in mind I have decided to register for Movember , a global event to raise awareness of Prostrate and Testicular Cancer as well as raise a little bit of money along the way.
Check out the website for more details about whatís being done and how the money is put to good use.

So why am I sending you this mail?

Simple, I want you to sponsor me, even better would be for you to join the team and raise money yourself.

Check out my, Mo page here -

Click, Donate, Join my Team or just ignore it all (either way, Iím impressed youíve read this far down)