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Thread: Rossi

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    LMAO Doyley,,,pub lunch?

  2. Nah answered whilst on phone! lol.

    Would you consider yourself a fan of Pedrosa or just someone who don't wanna see Rossi dominate again? This aint; a wind up argument starter, just curious, as i;d like to see Rossi do well in fact win, just cuz if what he brings to the sport, bearing in mind i;m a big fan cuz if the way he was with me when i met him, as i am of Carlos Checa and a few others!

    (i got a weeekend at the gp's as guest of randy mamola and Yamaha got to meet loads of them on a 1 to 1 type basis)

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    personally I'd prefer to see Rossi having to have a few dust ups to win, not just breaking off in front and clearing off.

    Not really bothered who he's racing against, just want to enjoy the race.

    I seem to remember a few seasons back he would stay back a little and just piss off with a few laps to spare.

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    Doyley, I could write a book to answer that, but I'd only bore you

    In short I admire the Pedrosa work ethic/style, just as I enjoy everything about Rossi and what he has given the sport (except not having the #1 on the bike)

    I'm interested in Pedrosas career simply because he has followed in the footsteps of Rossi and is a fantastic talent, ie jumped straight into MGP on a works bike (Rossis 2000 NSR was full works/supported, he was the first rider in a satelite Honda team to get that)

    Pedrosa has all the advantages that Rossi had, breaking Rossis records is the result IMO.
    It is going to be an immense task for Pedrosa to carry his 125 & 250 record to MGP and carry on re-writing the record books, simply because he has to acheive it on the track against the bloke who set them.

    What are your thoughts if you took Rossi out of the picture when Pedrosa came up to MGP Doyley?

    It will be a great loss when Rossi moves on, thats a no brainer.

    I'm also interested in where Lorenzo will go when he comes up to MGP, cant see it being as Rossis or Pedrosas team mate, so where you think he'll go?

    Dovizioso, is my man of the future BTW.


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